Car Removals Avondale

Japanese Car Wreckers Avondale

Do you have an unwanted Japanese vehicle sitting at a location in Avondale that you want to get rid of? At Japan Car Parts, we have the solution – we’ll collect your vehicle for free, plus we’ll pay you for it – up to $11,000!

We buy all types of Japanese vehicles including cars, utes, vans, and trucks. We’ve made the process as simple as possible too. All you have to do is call 0800 392 392to get a quote for your old or wrecked car before arranging a collection.

Or, you can keep reading to find out more about our Japanese car wreckers in Avondale service.

Free Japanese car removal in Avondale

When you call us, we’ll give you the best price possible for your broken, rusted, or unwanted car, plus we’ll collect it from your property in Avondale (or anywhere else in Auckland) fast. In fact, we can usually remove cars from Avondale same day as we have a reliable team on the road in well-maintained trucks. To find out more about our Japanese car removal process, click here.

Get the cash in your hand

When you come to us, there is no delay in getting the cash you deserve for that Japanese vehicle taking up space on your property. In fact, we’ll pay you to cash in hand as we take the car away. In addition, we are Japanese car specialists so pay the best prizes in Avondale for Japanese cars.

We’re interested in trucks and light commercial vehicles too

We specialize in Japanese branded trucks and light commercial vehicles in addition to Japanese cars. This includes vans, 4x4s, and utes. In fact, we’ll buy any vehicle that originally came from a Japanese manufacturer, whatever its condition. Why not call today to see how much your car is worth?

We care about the environment

Cars that are not disposed of properly damage the environment. That’s why we always deal with wrecked and unwanted cars in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. Mostly, this comes down to recycling – we recycle just about every bit, liquid, panel, part, nut, and the bolt of the cars we buy. The small amount leftover after this recycling we dispose of carefully.

Japanese car wrecking across Auckland

We are the top car wreckers in Auckland because of the prices we pay and because we offer a high level of service wherever you are in the region. That applies whether you are in the city, in the suburbs, or out in the countryside – we will pay the best price for your car and we’ll collect it for free. To find out more, including how much your car is worth, call today.